Academic Affairs Committee

Chair:  Wendy Watson

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: 12 members - 8 faculty elected by the Senate, 1 academic dean elected by the academic deans, and 1 student appointed by the Student Government Association & the Registrar. One member of this committee will be an administrative ex officio non-voting member from the graduate school appointed by the graduate school Vice Provost.

Terms: The chair shall be elected by the members of the committee and serves a 2 year term. Faculty members 3 years, student members and academic dean 1 year.
* Indicates Second Term

  • Group I: Will Derusha (SPAN) - Term Ends 2019*
  • Group II: Carol Hargis (LIBR) - Term Ends 2020
  • Group III: Matthew Dulock (MATH) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group IV: Wendy Watson (PSCI) - Term Ends 2018 
  • Group V: Lou Pelton (MKTG) - Term Ends 2020
  • Group VI: Tao Zhang (KHPR) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group VII: Brian Ayre (BIOL) - Term Ends 2020
  • Group VIII: VACANT (Dubberly)

Administrative Representatives:

  • Deans' Representative: VACANT
  • SGA Representative: Barrett Cole
  • Registrar designee: Keitha Robertson
  • VP of AA designee: Christy Crutsinger, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs
  • Vice Provost of Toulouse Graduate School designee:  VACANT
  • Admissions Executive Director: Rebecca Lothringer

Academic Affairs Committee Charges 2017:

The Academic Affairs Committee shall study and make recommendations to the senate on university policy concerning:

  • admission standards of entering undergraduate students;
  • suspension, probation and dismissal of students for academic reasons, standards for graduation;
  • the policies on awarding of honors to graduates; and
  • any other academic concerns that may be assigned by the senate.