Administrator Evaluations 2012

Please click on the surveys below to review their numerical data as recorded by Qualtrix. The data shown is only reflective of the number of people who took the survey, so the data can only be used for informative, and not qualitative, purposes.

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Chancellor Lee Jackson Survey 2012

President Lane Rawlins

Provost Warren Burggren

Alan Albarran, RTVF

Abbas Tashakkori, Educational Psychology

Allen Jackson, Kinesiology

Art Goven, Biological Sciences

Barrett Bryant, Computer Science and Engineering

Bob Bland, Public Administration

Brenda Sims, Linguistics

Constantinos (Costas) Tsatsoulis, College of Engineering

Cynthia Mohr, Design

Daniel Rodeheaver, Sociology

David Holdeman, English

David Schultz, Physics

Debbie Rohwer, Music Education

Don Finn, Accounting

Eileen Hayes, Music Theory, History and Ethnomusicology

Enrique Barbieri - Engineering Technology

Ernest Moore, Speech and Hearing

Finley Graves, College of Business

James Meernik - Toulouse School of Graduate Studies

John Murphy, Jazz Studies

Judith Forney

Steven Harlos, Keyboard Studies

Lea Dopson, Hospitality

Linda Holloway, Rehab, Social Work

Lorenzo Garcia, Dance and Theater

Marcia Staff COB, Chair Finance

James Scott, College of Music Dean

Jan Holden, Counseling and Higher Education

Jeff Sager, Marketing and Logistics

Jeffrey Snider, Vocal Studies

Jerry Austin, Studio

Jerry Thomas, College of Education Dean

John Allison, Communication Studies

John Holt, Music, Instrumental Studies

Martin Halbert - Libraries

Mary Jones, COB, ITDS

Michael Monticino, College of Arts and Sciences

Mike Spector - Learning Technologies

Murali Varansi, Electrical Engineering

Nan Goplerud, News

Nancy Nelson, Teacher Education

Narendra Dahotre, Materials Science

Patricia Glazebrook, Philosophy

Paul Hudak, Geography

Peggy Tobolowski, Criminal Justice

Richard McCaslin, History

Richard Ruderman, Political Science

Richard Smith, Behavior Analysis

Richard Sparks, MUSIC, Conducting and Ensembles

Roy Busby, School of Journalism

Sheri Broyles, Strategic Communications

Suliman Hawamdeh, Library and Information Sciences

Tammy Kinley, Merchandising

Tom Evenson, College of Affairs and Community Service

Todd Jewell, Economics

Vicki Campbell, Psychology

Vicki Goodwin, COB, Management

William Acree, Chemistry

Yong Tao, Mechanical and Energy Engineering