Committee on Benefits

Chair: Coby Condrey

Membership: 10 members consisting of 8 faculty; one from each group, representative of all four faculty ranks and 2 ex-officio members: VP for Fiscal Affairs & the Human Resources Director. The committee shall elect a chair.

@Indicates Chair
* Indicates Second Term

Terms: faculty members - 3 years

  • Group I:  Carmen Terry (Flan) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group II: @Coby Condrey (LIBR) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group III: John Krueger (MATH) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group IV: Janice Hauge (ECON) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group V: Divesh Ojha (MGMT) - Term Ends 2017
  • Group VI: Doryce Judd (KHPR) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group VII: Stan Ingman (GERO) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group VIII: Mike Steinel (MUSI) - Term Ends 2015

Ex-Officio Members:

  • Fiscal Affairs - Vacancy
  • Human Resources -  Vacancy

Committee on Benefits Charges:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Employees Assistance Program and other benefits and make recommendations as needed.
  • Collaborate with UNT Staff Council on areas of mutual concern.
  • Respond throughout the year to any additional issues that may emerge.
  • At least once per semester report to the Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance regarding any issues of concern the Benefits Committee might have with respect to implementation of its recommendations.