Committee on the Status of LGBT Faculty

Chair: Mark Vosvick

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

* Indicates Second Term

  • Group I: VACANT
  • Group II: Jacob Mangum (LIBR) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group III: Shuping Wang (ETEC)-Term Ends 2018
  • Group IV: Mark Vosvick (PSYC) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group V: Mary Curtis (ACCT) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group VI: Natalya Lindo (COUN) - Term Ends 2020*
  • Group VII: Megan Morrissey (COMM) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group VIII: Don Taylor (MUSIC) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group At-L 1: Marilyn Morris (HIST) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group At-L 2: Nicoladie Tam (BIOL) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group At-L 3: Deborah Armintor (ENGL) - Term Ends 2019
  • Group At-L 4: Laetitia Knight (WLLC) - Term Ends 2019

Ex-Officio non-voting members (appointments by the committee):

Staff Representatives (2-3)
Travis Craig

Lecturer Representatives (3)
Eddie Meaders
Laetitia Knight

Institutional Equity & Diversity Representative
Alex Sylvester - Institutional Equity & Diverstiy Representative

Administrative Representatives:
Lynne McCreary (REGS) - Term Ends 2016
Jay Allison (COMM) - Term Ends 2016

Graduate Student Representatives:

Committee on the Status of LGBT Faculty Charges:

    • Assess the institutional climate at UNT for LGBT faculty. The Committee intends to examine topics that would improve the environments in which LGBT faculty function, identify current or potential problem areas and suggest possible strategies for addressing these topics to the Senate and UNT administrators.  The Committee will have a representative on the OED’s task force convened by VP Gilda Garcia that is charged with addressing policy issues relevant to the LGBT communities at UNT
    • Review the visibility of LGBT communities at UNT to both current members of the UNT community and prospective members of the UNT community. This charge will include reviews of material currently posted that address LGBT issues at UNT as well as media in all other formats. Part of this charge is to investigate how visibility of the LGBT communities on campus can be enhanced to provide a better picture of what it would be like for a prospective UNT citizen who belongs to an LGBT community to thrive and succeed at UNT. Provide recommendations for improvement.
    • Review the current state of affairs in the state of Texas in regard to domestic partnership benefits to state institutions. When appropriate, the Committee will propose actions to the Senate and UNT administrators in regard to UNT’s position on advancing domestic partnership benefits and until authorized by the state legislative bodies, provide recommendations to accommodate current and future UNT citizens.  The Committee will familiarize itself with the State law as well as the progress the Texas State Employees Union is making on this issue.  The Committee will attempt to clarify the confusion around what exactly is prohibited by the State and the University.