Senate Meetings:

Agendas and Minutes

2017-18 Faculty Senate Meetings:

September 13, 2017

October 11, 2017
November 8, 2017
December 13, 2017
February 14, 2018
March 21, 2018
April 11, 2018
May 9, 2018
June 13, 2018

University Union, 332
2:00pm - 4:00pm


Faculty Load Committee

Chair: TBD

Membership: 10 members: 8 faculty members, one from each group, elected by the Faculty Senate, and 2 ex-officio members, designated by the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs. The committee shall elect a chair from its members.

Terms: faculty members - 3 yrs.

  • Group I: Bill Ford (JOUR) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group II: Justin Jones (ENGL) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group III: Vacant (Jacob)
  • Group IV: Jim Meernik (PSCI) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group V: Anat Barnir (MGMT) - Term Ends 2016
  • Group VI: Mary Estes (EPSY) - Term Ends 2015
  • Group VII: Gloria Olness (SPHS) - Term Ends 2016
  • Group VIII: Julia Bushkova (MUSC) -Term Ends 2015

Provost and VP for Academic AffairsAppointee:

  • Ex-Officio - Vacant
  • Ex-Officio - Vacant

Faculty Load Committee

  • Analyze survey results from 2009 - 2010 and develop a report concerning the how the new policies are being implemented (Does these still apply?)
  • In cooperation with the Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance, develop and implement a survey of department Chairs to determine how university and department service is rewarded/encouraged on campus.
  • Assist with troubleshooting the implementation of the new workload policies
  • Work with the Faculty Salary Study Committee, the Faculty Research Committee, Committee on the Status of Women, Committee on the Status of People of Color, and the Faculty Senate Budget Committee to share information and identify issues of mutual concern regarding workload, research support, salaries, and other budget issues affecting faculty.
  • At least once per semester report to the Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance regarding any issues of concern the Faculty Load Committee might have with respect to implementation of its recommendations.