Senate Meetings:

Agendas and Minutes

2017-18 Faculty Senate Meetings:

September 13, 2017

October 11, 2017
November 8, 2017
December 13, 2017
February 14, 2018
March 21, 2018
April 11, 2018
May 9, 2018
June 13, 2018

University Union, 332
2:00pm - 4:00pm


Fine Arts Series Committee


  • Mike Fleming, Fine Arts Series Coordinator Co-chair
  • Barrett Cole, Student Government Association Designee Co-Chair

Membership: 5 faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate; 5 staff members appointed by the UNT Staff Council; 2 ex-officio faculty or staff members appointed by the VP for Student Affairs; and 6 student representatives appointed by the President of the UNT Student Government Association, and 2 graduate students appointed by the Graduate Student Council. The VP for Student Affairs shall designate 1 of the 2 ex-officio members (he/she names to the committee) to serve as co-chairperson of the committee. The student co-chairperson of the committee shall be appointed by the President of the Student Government Association.

Terms: 3 yrs for faculty members (no more than 2 consecutive terms; staggered); student member terms shall be 1 year.

 * Indicates second term

Faculty Senate Appointees:

  • Group A-L 1: Prathiba Natesan (EPSY) - Term Ends 2020*
  • Group A-L 2: Amie Adelman (SART) - Term Ends 2018
  • Group A-L 3: Gwen Nisbett (JOUR) - Term Ends 2020
  • Group A-L 4: Laura Evans (AEAH) – Term Ends 2018*
  • Group A-L 5: VACANT

Student Affairs Division Appointees:

  • Mike Fleming, Fine Arts Series Coordinator
  • Erica Garza- FSA Graduate Assistant

Staff Senate Appointees:

  • Amy Armstrong - Communication Specialist, URCM
  • Tracee Robertson - Director, UNT Art Galleries, CVAD
  • Katie McCoy - Event Coordinator, Murchison Performing Arts Center
  • Susan Sanders - CVAD Development Director, CVAD
  • Megan Heber - Director of Communications, URCM

Student Government Association Appointees (one year term):

  • Garron Weeks
  • Barrett Cole - SGA Vice President
  • Melissa Snow
  • Ruth Thunderhawk
  • Emma Sobocinski
  • Claire Majerus

Graduate Student Council (one year term):

  • Colleen Clark
  • Christopher Menking

Committee Charges:

  • Develop and present a well balanced cultural program of the performing, visual, and literary arts for presentation on the campus.
  • Publicize presentations in a timely manner throughout the academic year.
  • On an ongoing basis, seek additional funding for the committee’s cultural programs of the performing, visual, and literary arts.
  • Enhance cooperative communication with colleges, schools, and departments on campus to identify future programs and support for fine arts series programs and presentations.


  Fine Arts Series Committee Annual Report 2014-2015