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2016 Awards Criteria and Requirements

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Deadline for nominations is 5:00 pm on Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Outstanding Teaching Fellow Award Nomination Form
2016 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Nomination Form

2016 Awards Criteria and Requirements (PDF)

The Faculty Senate Teaching Fellows/Teaching Assistants Committee annually selects four graduate students to receive Outstanding Teaching Fellow and Outstanding Teaching Assistant awards. The honor carries a $500 award to be presented to the recipients on Honors Day 2016.

Departments/divisions that employ between one and ten teaching fellows/teaching assistants may nominate a maximum of ONE candidate for each award. If departments/divisions employ more than ten teaching fellows/teaching assistants, they may nominate one student for every ten – or fractions thereof – that are employed by the department/division. Departments/divisions are not obligated to nominate the maximum number.


For the purpose of this award, a "Teaching Fellow" is defined as any graduate student who has full responsibility for actual classroom instruction, i.e., planning, teaching, evaluating, and assigning grades. In this context, planning and evaluating are not intended to exclude those who teach a section of a course that uses a common (departmental) syllabus and/or common exams.

For the purpose of this award, a "Teaching Assistant" is defined as any graduate student who assists professors/instructors with their teaching responsibilities of large lecture sections, particularly when the course requires essay tests, homework assignments, and term papers as well as normal administrative classroom assignments including test administration and grading.


  • To be eligible for an award, the nominee must have completed one full semester as a teaching fellow or teaching assistant at UNT during the calendar year 2015.
  • The nominee must be a current student during the semester in which the award is given, however, the candidate need not be employed as a teaching fellow or teaching assistant during that semester.
  • The nominee must demonstrate a superior teaching or assistance performance. Substantial evidence including informed, first-hand assessments by departmental faculty and/or administrative personnel responsible for supervising and evaluating the teaching fellow or teaching assistant is required. It is particularly valuable to have input from someone who has observed the TF/TA at work.
  • The nominee must exhibit superior academic performance as a graduate student. The teaching fellow or teaching assistant must have a cumulative GPA of at least a 3.5; no graduate grades below a B, and few, if any, incomplete or W/P grades. When nominees' scholastic performances and other factors appear very similar the committee may also look at GRE scores and undergraduate records.
  • The nominee must show evidence of satisfactory progress in the graduate program. This includes completion of at least 18 semester hours for a master's degree student, and completion of at least 30 semester hours for a doctoral student.

Complete nomination packet should include:

  • A nomination form signed by the nominee's department/division chair and academic dean.
  • A current curriculum vita.
  • A current up-to-date transcript, including all graduate data. Unofficial transcripts are acceptable.
  • A list of all courses taught or assisted, including the course description, number of students per course, and the semester and year in which the courses were taught.
  • A summary of the nominee's quantitative and qualitative student teaching/assisting evaluations. Individual teaching evaluation forms should not be submitted. Only summaries of the teaching evaluation scores will be accepted.
  • At least two and no more than three letters of recommendation from faculty and/or administrators, including one from the nominee's direct supervisor and one from another faculty member or administrator within the department or division.
  • Teaching Fellow Award nominees should also submit a one-page statement of the nominee's teaching philosophy and perceptions of his/her teaching activities.

Nomination packets should be submitted as ONE single PDF document to the Teaching Fellows/Teaching Assistants Committee at FacultySenate@unt.edu by 5:00 pm, Friday, February 26, 2016.

Incomplete nomination packets, packets not following the specific eligibility and requirements, or not signed by the department/division chair and academic dean will not be considered.

 Teaching Fellows/Teaching Assistants Committee

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