2016-2019 Voting Groups

According to Article II, Section 5 of the Faculty Senate Charter, a review of the voting group apportionment of the Senate shall occur at least every three years.

Voting Group I

CLASS - Technical Communication
CLASS - Philosophy and Religion Studies
CLASS - Women's and Gender Studies
CLASS - World Languages, Literature, and Cultures
CLASS - Spanish
CLASS - Mayborn School of Journalism General
CVAD - Art Education and Art History
CVAD - Design
CVAD - Studio Art

Voting Group II

CLASS - English
COI - Learning Technologies
COI - Library and Information Sciences
COI - Linguistics
UNT Libraries

Voting Group III

COS - Mathematics
COS - Physics
CENG - Biomedical Engineering
CENG - Computer Science and Engineering
CENG - Electrical Engineering
CENG - Engineering Technology
CENG - Materials Science and Engineering
CENG - Mechanical and Energy Engineering

Voting Group IV

CLASS - Economics
CLASS - Political Science (including International Studies)
CLASS - Psychology
COS - Teach North Texas
HPS - Public Administration
HPS - Emergency Management and Disaster Sciences
HPS - Social Work
HPS - Behavior Analysis
HPS - Criminal Justice
HNRS - Honors College

Voting Group V

CMHT - Hospitality and Tourism Management
CMHT - Merchandising and Digital Retailing
COB - Finance, Insurance, Real Estate and Law
COB - Accounting
COB - Information Technology and Decision Sciences
COB - Management
COB - Marketing and Logistics
NC - New College Frisco
TOUL - Graduate School

Voting Group VI

CLASS - History
COE - Educational Psychology
COE - Counseling and Higher Education
COE - Kinesiology, Health Promotion and Recreation
COE - Teacher Education and Administration

Voting Group VII

CLASS - Anthropology
CLASS - Communication Studies
CLASS - Geography and the Environment
CLASS - Sociology
COS - Biological Sciences
COS - Chemistry
HPS - Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology
HPS - Rehabilitation and Health Serivces
          (including Applied Gerontology)

Voting Group VIII

CLASS - Dance & Theatre Arts
CLASS - Media Arts
MUSIC - Music History, Theory and Ethnomusicology
MUSIC - Composition Studies
MUSIC - Conducting and Ensembles
MUSIC - Instrumental Studies
MUSIC - Jazz Studies
MUSIC - Keyboard Studies
MUSIC - Music Education
MUSIC - Vocal Studies