Faculty Development Leave Committee

Chair: Danielle Cooper*
* Indicates second term

Mid-Year Report
Annual Report

Group I: Jiyoung Yoon (SPAN) - Term Ends 2023*
Group II: Ana Cleveland (LIS) - Term Ends 2023*
Group III: William Cherry (MATH) - Term Ends 2024*
Group IV: Janice Hauge (ECON) - Term Ends 2024
Group V: Danielle Cooper (MGMT) - Term Ends 2022
Group VI: Janelle Mathis (TEA) - Term Ends 2024*
Group VII: Paul Hudak (GEOG) - Term Ends 2024
Group VIII: Jacqueline Vickery (MRTS) - Term Ends 2023


The FDLC is comprised of eight members  - one elected from each Senate voting group. Members must be tenured faculty or a librarian on a five-year contract.
Faculty Development Leave Forms may be obtained from the Academic Resources site. Additional Faculty Development Leave Information may be obtained from the Office of Faculty Success site.

Faculty Development Leave University Policy 06.010