Fine Arts Series Committee


  • Mike Fleming, Fine Arts Series Coordinator 
  • Devon Skinner, Student Government Association Designee

Previously a Faculty Senate standing committee, as of November 2021, the Fine Arts Series Committee is now administered by Student Affairs. The committee is comprised a number of students (appointed by the SGA and GSC), faculty (appointed by the Faculty Senate) and staff (appointed by Student Affairs and the Staff Senate). 

Terms for faculty members: 3 yrs, with the maximim of two consecutive 3-yr terms.
 * Indicates second term

Faculty Senate Appointees (as of November 2021):

  • Group A-L 1: VACANT - Term Ends 2023
  • Group A-L 2: Ana Lopez (CVAD) - Term Ends 2024*
  • Group A-L 3: Gwen Nisbett (JOUR) - Term Ends 2023*
  • Group A-L 4: Jay Tomlin (HIST) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group A-L 5: Jennifer Lane (MUVS) - Term Ends 2024


For more information, contact the chairs noted above and/or visit the Fine Arts Series website.