Mission Statement


The mission of the Faculty Senate is to lead faculty in fulfilling their responsibilities in the shared governance of the University and to represent faculty interests to University and community stakeholders.  The Faculty Senate is responsible for exercising its vested authority in ensuring that academic freedom is encouraged and protected, and for acting as a guiding body to oversee curriculum that promotes student learning through a rigorous course of study.  The Faculty Senate serves as a liaison between faculty and administration.  This includes:

  • developing and implementing the strategic plan of the University;
  • informing faculty about University policies, procedures, and substantive changes made by the administration;
  • making recommendations to the Provost and President regarding faculty personnel issues; and
  • making recommendations to faculty and administration on policies to improve the work environment.


The Faculty Senate will be seen by University and community stakeholders as a valued partner in the fulfillment of the University's mission.  It will establish itself as an efficacious champion of academic quality, as the authority for the delivery of education services, and as the source of advice and support for University administration.  The Faculty Senate will be perceived by faculty and administrators as a well-respected body that has a substantive role in University governance. The work of the Faculty Senate will be seen as highly relevant to the daily endeavors of faculty and to University decisions that affect academic affairs.