Union Board of Directors

Contact:  Pam McDonald, Sr. Administrative Coordinator

The Union Board of Directors (UBD) is the governing body for the University Union. Comprised of seven students and six faculty/staff members, the UBD oversees the formulation and implementation of policies and procedures for the University Union. They serve as an advisory board for the Union programs and services provided, approve budget changes, and determine business operations. The UBD also coordinates regularly with university officials. Meetings are held monthly.

Comments and suggestions for the UBD may be left at any of the comment/suggestion boxes located throughout the building. The UBD regularly reviews all concerns and suggestions from the UNT student body.

Faculty Members appointed by Faculty Senate:

  • At-Large: James Parrish (ITDS) - Term Ends 2026*
  • At-Large: Jeff Britain (HTM) - Term Ends 2025*
  • At-Large: Michael Savoie (MLOM) - Term Ends 2024