Faculty Senate Charter and Bylaws Committee

Chair: Denise Catalano

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

* Indicates Second Term

Membership: The Charter and Bylaws Committee shall consist of five members, three Senators elected by the Faculty Senate, the immediate past Faculty Senate Chair, and the Faculty co-chair of the Faculty Policy Oversight Committee. In the event that the immediate past Faculty Senate Chair is unavailable or ineligible to serve on Senate committees, the current Senate officers shall select an alternate. All five members are voting members, and the committee shall elect a chair from among its members. 

Terms: The term of each member shall end the day before the September meeting following the expiration of his/her senate term. Terms are three years in length and members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Function and Charges: The Charter and Bylaws Committee shall review the charter and bylaws of the Faculty Senate, propose additions, modifications and deletions to the charter and bylaws are needed and make recommendations to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee concerning proposed changes in the charter and bylaws introduced by senators. The committee shall make changes in titles of offices and of academic units in the bylaws as they occur. All such changes shall be reported to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, which will approve their presentation to the full senate for a first reading. Faculty Senators will have a full month to review the changes and discuss with their constituents and will make a vote during the next Faculty Senate meeting.

  • Senator I: Jodi Philbrick (IS) - Term Ends 2023*
  • Senator II: Denise Catalano (CHPS) -Term Ends 2024
  • Senator III: Kris Chesky (MUIS) - Term Ends 2025
  • FPOC Chair: William Cherry (MATH) - Term Ends 2023
  • Immediate Past Chair or Delegate: Adam Chamberlin (DANC)- Term Ends 2023