University Classroom Committee

Contact: Andy Bolling, Director of Space Planning and Management

Membership includes the Assistant Vice Provost for Student Success, the Director of Space Planning and Management (SPM), a Facilities Planner (FPDC), Office of the Registrar (designee), a Division of Digital Strategy (designee), a Faculty Senate (designee) and one Member at Large (designee). Other University & System Academic and Administrative leaders will be consulted on an as-needed basis.


  • The Classroom Committee will examine issues that are relevant to the design, modification, and efficient use of classroom spaces to ensure an exceptional teaching and learning experience.


    • The Committee will:
      • Continually assess all university classrooms and provide an annual report to the University Space Advisory Committee.
        • Classroom spaces are defined as all 110 spaces (Registrar scheduled/controlled) and all 210 spaces (Departmentally scheduled/controlled).
      • Review university classroom scheduling practices and provide recommendations on scheduling policies and practices leading to a more efficient use of the classrooms / teaching spaces.
      • Develop and maintain an active prioritized list of all classroom spaces for the purpose of making improvements to the room for effective and efficient use.
      • Consult with various university constituents as needed.
      • Provide oversight and stewardship of all classroom spaces.


  • The Classroom Committee will:
    • Serve as a sub-committee to the University Space Advisory Committee.
    • Hold scheduled meetings on a regular monthly basis.
    • Minutes will be kept and distributed to the membership in a timely manner.
    • Provide recommendations to the University Space Advisory Committee.

Faculty Members appointed by Faculty Senate:

  • Jorge Aviles-Diz (SPAN) - Term Ends 2025

For additional information, please contact the Office of Space Management at