Scholarship Committee

Chair: Zelma DeLeon

Faculty Senate Membership: 8 faculty members - 1 from each group, elected by the Faculty Senate
*  Indicates second term

  • Group I: Bill Ford (JOUR) - Term Ends 2021
  • Group II: Larry Enoch (INFO) - Term Ends 2021
  • Group III: VACANT (Shenoda)
  • Group IV: VACANT (Brandon)
  • Group V: VACANT (Poe)
  • Group VI: Mei Chang (EPSY) - Term Ends 2022*
  • Group VII: VACANT (Lund)
  • Group VIII: VACANT (Sundberg)

Scholarship Committee Charges:

  • Screen candidates and award University scholarships according to procedures and guidelines.
  • Evaluate procedures of processing scholarship requests and notifications.
  • Provide data on scholarships not renewed and assess the impact on student retention.
  • Prepare a report on how scholarships were distributed, criteria for awarding scholarships and renewal of scholarships. Include in this report a summary of reasons for rejecting scholarship renewals, and the timeline for scholarship applications, acceptances, and rejections notification.
  • Make recommendations to the advancement Office regarding scholarship priorities and needs and provide that office with the report presented to the Faculty Senate to assist in establishing these priorities.
  • Analyze and critique how policy changes in the Office of Development impact scholarship availability and disbursement.

For more information, please contact the Financial Aid office