University Library Committee

Chair: TBD

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: This committee shall be composed of 14 members: eight faculty members, one from each senate voting group elected by the Faculty Senate; a representative from the ranks of full-time lecturers; one undergraduate student selected by the Student Association; one graduate student appointed by the Graduate Student Council; one alumnus appointed by the vice president for development, the dean of the Toulouse Graduate School (ex officio); and the dean of libraries (ex officio). Administrators are non-voting members. The committee shall elect a chair from among the faculty voting members of the committee.

Terms: Faculty - 3 years, staggered so that no more than 3 faculty members expire in any given year. Students - 1 year, Alumni - 2 years
 * Indicates Second Term

  • Group I: Teresa Marrero (SPAN)- Term Ends 2025
  • Group II: Jen Rowe (LIBR) - Term Ends 2024
  • Group III: Rattaya ‘Chow’ Yalamanchili (MEEN) - Term Ends 2025
  • Group IV: Glen Biglaiser (PSCI) - Term Ends 2026*
  • Group V: Priyali Rajagopal (LOM) - Term Ends 2025*
  • Group VI: Jeanette Ginther (TEA) - Term Ends 2026
  • Group VII: Seare Berhe (CHEM) - Term Ends 2027
  • Group VIII: Andrew Chung (MUHT) - Term Ends 2026
  • Group AL-1: Russell Torres (ITDS) - Term Ends 2025*
  • Lecturer Representative: Marcus Moffitt (FIREL) - Term Ends 2026

Appointed members:

  • Vice Provost of the Graduate School (ex-officio): Victor Prybutok
  • Dean of Libraries (ex-officio): Diane Bruxvoort
  • Alumnus: Guadalupe Hinojo-Aguirre
  • SGA Representative: Kersten Hester
  • GSC Representative: VACANT

University Library Committee Charges:

  • Continue to monitor all policies and procedures concerning library budget allocations. Indicate any areas where changes/improvements need to be made and provide recommendations to the Faculty Senate and the Dean of Libraries.
  • Report needs of the UNT libraries and how these relate to the UNT community as a whole.
  • Continue to lobby for more funding for the library.
  • Provide projections on the impact on libraries for AY 2010-2011 of the budgeting process.
  • In cooperation with the Dean of Libraries, gather data regarding library spending at UNT on a per-student and a per-faculty basis. Gather similar data from schools in our peer groups, as well as some other universities that are members of the Association of Research Libraries (ARL). To the extent that such data are available over a number of years, collect these as well. Report comparative results to the Faculty Senate and the Dean of Libraries.
  • At least once per semester report to the Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance regarding any issues of concern the University Library Committee might have with respect to implementation of its recommendations.