Faculty Awards Committee

Chair: Erin Schafer

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: 10 members: 1 faculty member from each group and 2 at-large members, all elected by the Faculty Senate. The committee shall elect a chair.

Terms: 3 years
* Indicates Second Term

Group I: Koji Fuse (JOUR) - Term Ends 2021
Group II: Rebecca Barham (LIBR) - Term Ends 2020*
Group III: Bibhudutta Rout (PHYS) - Term Ends 2020*
Group IV: Cindy Watson (Teach North Texas) - Term Ends 2021
Group V: Hakan Tarakci (ITDS) - Term Ends 2021
Group VI: Tao Zhang (KHPR) - Term Ends 2021
Group VII: Erin Schafer (ASLP) - Term Ends 2020*
Group VIII: Adam Chamberlin (THEA) - Term Ends 2020
Group A-L 1: Blair Kidwell (MKTG) - Term Ends 2021
Group A-L 2: Priyali Rajagopal (MKTG) - Term Ends 2021

Faculty Awards Committee Charges:

  • Review, adopt, and publicize the criteria for awards and a timetable that will allow for timely decisions on awards made by the committee.
  • Follow established procedure for processing awards.
  • Provide a report that lists each award given by this committee to the Faculty Senate.
  • Work with Human Resources and the UNT Staff Council to evaluate the recently implemented system of longevity service award