Faculty Awards Committee

Chair: Jacqueline Foertsch

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: 10 members: 1 faculty member from each group and 2 at-large members, all elected by the Faculty Senate. The committee shall elect a chair.

Terms: 3 years
* Indicates Second Term

Group I: Koji Fuse (JOUR) - Term Ends 2024*
Group II: Jacqueline Foertsch (ENGL) - Term Ends 2026*
Group III: Haifeng Zhang (MEEN) - Term Ends 2026
Group IV: Mark C. Saber (DCJ) - Term Ends 2026*
Group V: Hakan Tarakci (ITDS) - Term Ends 2024*
Group VI: Jason Chiang (EPSY)- Term Ends 2026
Group VII: Kat Aoyama (ASLP) - Term Ends 2026*
Group VIII: Jennifer Gómez Menjívar (MRTS) - Term Ends 2026
Group A-L 1: Blair Kidwell (MKTG) - Term Ends 2024*
Group A-L 2: Priyali Rajagopal (MKTG) - Term Ends 2024*

Faculty Awards Committee Charges:

  • Review, adopt, and publicize the criteria for awards and a timetable that will allow for timely decisions on awards made by the committee.
  • Follow established procedure for processing awards.
  • Provide a report that lists each award given by this committee to the Faculty Senate.

The Faculty Senate Awards Committee convenes every fall (over email, Zoom, or in-person as the occasion requires) to select a chair, to discuss matters relating to its charges, and to adjudicate nominations submitted for the Minnie Stevens Piper Professor, J. H. Shelton Excellence in Teaching, and President's Council Teaching and Service awards.

For additional information about committee practices and requirements, see 
Faculty Senate Awards Committee – Guidelines and Best Practices.