University Faculty Grievance Committee

Co-chairs: Karen Weiller and James Meernik

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

The University Faculty Grievance Committee (UFGC) hears appeals of the faculty of the University of North Texas on grievance concerns including issues such as tenure and promotion decisions, adjudicates complaints of academic freedom issues, and makes recommendations to the president of the University concerning such appeals and grievances pursuant to the UNT Faculty Grievance Policy (July 2019)

Committee Membership:

Group I: Tracy Everbach (JOUR) [Professor] - Term Ends 2020
Group II: Ana Cleveland (IS) [Regents Professor] - Term Ends 2021
Group III: Nigel Shepherd (MTSE) [Associate Professor] - Term Ends 2022
Group IV: Sharon Rae Jenkins (PSYC) [Professor] - Term Ends 2020
Group V: David Strutton (MKTG) [Professor]-  Term Ends 2023
Group VI: Karen Weiller (KHPR) [Professor] - Term Ends 2022
Group VII: Gabe Ignatow (SOC) [Professor] - Term Ends 2021
Group VIII: Jennifer Lane (MUVS) [Professor] - Term Ends 2022
A-L: James Meernik (PSCI)  [Professor] - Term Ends 2021
A-L: Ted Farris (MKTG) [Professor] - Term Ends 2020
A-L: Wendy Middlemiss (EPSY) [Associate Professor] - Term Ends 2023
A-L: Francis D'Souza (CHEM) [Professor]- Term Ends 2020
A-L: Carole Anne Costabile-Heming (WLLC) [Professor] - Term Ends 2023
Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Coby Condrey (LIBR) [Associate Librarian] - Term Ends 2023
Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Rebekah Knight (RHS) [Lecturer] - Term Ends 2023