Faculty Mentor Committee

Chair: Manjula Salimath

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: 11 committee members consisting of 9 faculty members elected by the Faculty Senate - 1 from each voting group and 1 at-large, 1 staff member selected by the Dean of Students and 1 student selected by the SGA. The committee will select a chair from its members.

Terms: Faculty - 3 years, students - 1 year.
 * Indicates second term

Group I: Siriporn Peters (IADS) -Term Ends 2025
Group II: Jeff Allen (IS) - Term Ends 2024
Group V: Manjula Salimath (MGMT) - Term Ends 2023
Group VI: Jason Chiang (EPSY) - Term Ends 2024
Group VII: Hong Wang (CHEM) - Term Ends 2023*
Group VIII: Tania Khalaf (MRTS) - Term Ends 2023
Group A-L1: Mariya Gavrillova Aguilar (MGMT) - Term ends 2025
Group A-L2: Jacqueline Foertsch (ENGL) - Term Ends 2024

Additional Appointments:

Dean of Students Staff Appointee: VACANT
SGA Appointee: VACANT

Faculty Mentor Committee:

  • Conduct annual survey with some modifications.
  • Initiate a literature review on mentoring in academic institutions.
  • Examine mentoring programs at our peer universities.
  • Develop a best practices document after the systems used by our peers are investigated as well. CAS’s and COBA’s documents already provide excellent starting points.