Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Faculty

Chair: Coby Condrey

Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Functions: The Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ faculty shall study university, state and federal civil rights and equal-employment laws and regulations regarding the status of LGBTQ+ faculty in the university community. It will investigate how visibility of the LGBTQ+ communities on campus can be enhanced to provide a better picture of what it would be like for a prospective UNT citizen who belongs to an LGBTQ+ community to thrive and succeed at UNT.

Membership: The committee shall consist of 11 VOTING faculty members - one from each voting group and three at-large. Additional non-voting members shall include a representative from the UNT Staff Senate, UNT Division of Institutional Equity and Diversity, and the Graduate Student Council. The committee shall elect a chair from among its members to serve a one-year term. (rev. 2-2020)

Terms: Voting members may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Non-voting members approved by the Committee will serve for a one-year term. (rev. 2-2020)

* Indicates Second Term

  • Group I: Liss LaFleur (SART) - Term Ends 2022
  • Group II: Coby Condrey (LIBR) - Term Ends 2022
  • Group III: Douglas Brozovic (MATH) - Term Ends 2022
  • Group IV: Regina Branton (PSCI) - Term Ends 2021
  • Group V: Mary Curtis (ACCT) - Term Ends 2022*
  • Group VI: Miriam Boesch (EPSY) - Term Ends 2023
  • Group VII: Megan Morrissey (COMM) - Term Ends 2022*
  • Group VIII: Raquel Samayoa (MUIS) - Term Ends 2022
  • At-L: Eddie Meaders (PSCI) - Term Ends 2023
  • At-L: Kim Moreland (ENGL) - Term Ends 2023
  • At-L: Jeremy Berg (LIBR) - Term Ends 2023

Ex-Officio non-voting members:

UNT Staff Senate representative
Liz Berry
Graduate Student Council representative

Tiffany Miller
Institutional Equity & Diversity Representative

Kathleen Hobson

Committee on the Status of LGBTQ+ Faculty Charges: (rev. 2-2020)

1. Identify current conditions at UNT that impact the status, morale, treatment, and quality of life of LGBTQ+ faculty and when appropriate submit recommendations for further action to the Faculty Senate and UNT Administration.
2. Study, observe, and report on executive, legislative, and judicial developments; as well as applicable university, state, and federal civil rights and equal-employment regulations, policies, and laws that impact the current status, morale, treatment, and quality of life of LGBTQ+ faculty at UNT.
3. Identify pertinent sources of information related to LGBTQ+ faculty matters and serve as a conduit to LGBTQ+ faculty for finding resources and support.
4. Collaborate with campus affiliated groups as opportunities arise to plan and/or promote events that address LGBTQ+ faculty-related concerns.