Faculty Senate Budget Committee

Chair: Lou Pelton
Mid-year Report
Annual Report

Membership: 8 faculty members, one from each of the senate voting groups, plus two at-large members, with preference for at least 3 senators on the committee at all times. The committee will elect a chair from among its members.

Terms: 3 years
 * Indicates Second Term

  • Group I: Caroline Najour (WLLC) - Term Ends 2025
  • Group II: VACANT
  • Group III: Maurizio Manzo (MEEN) - Term Ends 2025
  • Group IV: Eric Fritsch ( DCJ) - Term Ends 2025
  • Group V: Lou Pelton (LOM) - Term Ends 2025*
  • Group VI: Karthigeyan Subramaniam (TEA) -Term Ends 2024
  • Group VII: VACANT
  • Group VIII: Zuoming Wang (COMM) - Term Ends 2026
  • Group A-L 1: Peter Kipp (ACCT) - Term Ends 2024
  • Group A-L 2: Scott Warren (LTEC) - Term Ends 2025*

Faculty Senate Budget Committee

(March 8, 2017)
Rationale: Focus the Faculty Senate Budget Committee on a few key issues to prioritize faculty participation in university budget matters.

  • Meet with the President and representatives from the university budget office to represent the faculty in the budget process and provide faculty input on priorities for future expenditure. Topics for discussion could include faculty raises, graduate student stipends, library materials, technology tools, research support, faculty size (tenure/tenure-track and non tenure-track faculty, lecturers, and adjuncts), and the provision of a more descriptive annual budget.
  • Work with the Faculty Salary Study Committee to share information and identify issues of mutual concern regarding workload, research support, salaries, and other budget issues affecting faculty.
  • Report to the Committee on Faculty Participation in Governance regarding any accomplishments or issues of concern the Faculty Senate Budget Committee might have with respect to implementation of its recommendations.
  • Participate in budget hearings.
  • Report to Senate Executive Committee.